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Control heat and privacy inside your vehicle with car window tinting.

There are many times when you may notice that your car isn’t very comfortable, such as after it has been sitting in a hot parking lot all day at work, when the sunlight is coming directly through the windows while traveling, or when you’re stopped next to another vehicle at a red light and the other passengers are looking into your car.

Car Window Tinting in Statesville, North Carolina

If you’ve ever been in one of these situations, you may be wondering if there is a way to gain privacy and comfort while you are in your vehicle. At Innovative Solar Control Inc., we believe the answer is car window tinting.

There are so many benefits of car window tinting, including the ability to control the heat inside your vehicle. With tinted windows, the interior of your vehicle will be significantly cooler when you get to it at the end of the day in the parking lot. It is also easier to manage your air conditioning system while you are driving if the sun is high in the sky. Other benefits include added privacy when you are sitting in traffic or while driving down the road, and you can protect your children from direct sunlight as they play or sleep in the backseat.

When you contact us to learn more about car window tinting for one or more of your vehicles, you’ll quickly see that we can customize window tinting to meet your needs. We’ll discuss the industry standards and help you determine how to ensure that you get the best results from window tinting for the long haul. Do you have car window tinting that needs repair or replacement? We can do that, too!

Give us a call today to discuss your car window tinting needs. We look forward to talking with you soon!

At Innovative Solar Control Inc., we offer car window tinting services in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Mocksville, Statesville, Kernersville, East Bend, King, Lewisville, Advance, Lexington, Bermuda Run, Muddy Creek, Wood Lee, and West Bend, North Carolina.