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Your property can look smooth and streamlined with our commercial window tinting!

Since 1998, our team at Innovative Solar Control Inc. has been helping people and businesses just like yours in the Lexington, North Carolina area with their window tinting needs. While most people think of window tinting as a vehicle upgrade, the truth is that commercial window tinting enables a similar type of tinting material to be applied to any type of window, including commercial properties. Here at Innovative Solar Control Inc., we want to help you see how commercial window tinting can help your commercial property!

Commercial Window Tinting in Lexington, North Carolina

Commercial window tinting ensures that your business looks and feels professional. With the right window tint, you can feel a shift in the environment right when you walk into the building. Instead of feeling the heat or coolness from the outside, you can discern the difference in temperature as well as light quality.

Commercial window tinting allows you to see and enjoy the outside, while also ensuring that excessive heat and damaging UV rays stay there as well. When a commercial property has commercial window tinting on its windows, the tinting is actually acting as a layer of security as well, protecting the privacy of individuals within the building.

We use high-quality tinting materials here at Innovative Solar Control Inc., but the materials are nothing compared to our expertise in application! We eliminate any possibility of bubbles, creases, or gouges with our years of experience. When you call on Innovative Solar Control Inc. for your commercial window tinting, the only regret you’ll have is not calling us sooner! Give us a call today for information.

At Innovative Solar Control Inc., we offer commercial window tinting services in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Mocksville, Statesville, Kernersville, East Bend, King, Lewisville, Advance, Lexington, Bermuda Run, Muddy Creek, Wood Lee, and West Bend, North Carolina.