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Many people assume that window tinting is only useful for cars and other vehicles. This is simply not true! Window tinting can also bring value to commercial and residential spaces. In fact, as a homeowner, there are several reasons you should consider home solar tint for your windows:

Why You Should Consider Home Solar Tint for Your Windows

  • Privacy- One of the main benefits of home solar tint is additional privacy. This is especially useful for street-facing windows or windows of bathrooms, playrooms, or bedrooms. You can enjoy increased privacy in your home without having your own outdoor view obstructed.
  • Value- Installing window film on your windows at home can protect your belongings from fading. This is an important consideration to protect art you may have in your home as well as carpets and upholstered furniture. You can preserve the value of your belongings when you protect them from harsh sunlight.
  • Temperature Control- Approximately 10% of fading from sunlight is actually a result of heat rather than the light itself. Home window tinting helps prevent fading from heat damage and may even help your home be more comfortable. This is a good idea to consider for homes that may have large windows facing fully east or west without natural shade available.

These are just a few of the reasons home solar tint may be a great idea for your windows. The best part is that you can enjoy added privacy, value, and comfort in your home with no decrease in visibility. Contact us today to find out more!