Types of Window Tinting Film

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Here at Innovative Solar Control Inc., we understand that you care about your home, and we want to help you make it the best it can be. One way to improve your home–making it both more energy efficient and more comfortable–is to have the windows tinted. In this article, we’ll go over the three main types of window tinting film and their benefits to help you decide which is right for you.

Types of Window Tinting Film

Types of Window Tinting

The first thing you need to know about window tinting is that there are multiple varieties–depending on the type of film that is applied to the glass, different effects can be achieved. These films include:

  • Solar Film – This type of window tinting film is designed to absorb or reflect the UV rays from the sun. By keeping these rays out of your home, this style of tinting helps keep the indoor temperature more comfortable, and it also reduces glare on your TV screen, as well as preventing your furniture from fading.
  • Security Film – Security film is the thickest of all window films, and its primary purpose is to prevent glass from shattering in the event of a forceful impact. While it won’t reflect much heat, it will help minimize storm damage and can even deter forced entry.
  • Decorative Film – Lastly, window tinting can be purely decorative. In this application, a thin film is applied to change the way the glass looks–for example, giving clear glass a frosted or stained appearance. On top of making the windows look better, this type of tinting film is also great for protecting your privacy, as it will ensure that those outside your home will not be able to see into your space.