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Home privacy tint is gaining favor in homes across America and for good reason – or make that multiple reasons. There are more benefits involved than just the obvious one of gaining more privacy for the occupants in your home. Here are some added reasons why you should consider having home privacy tint installed.

Home Privacy Tint

  • Deter Criminals – Not all break-ins are random acts that are impulsive in nature. Many, in fact, are planned and orchestrated events based on seeing what is in your home that interests them and watching your routine ahead of time. You can make yourself less of a target by using home privacy tint, so you and your belongings cannot be observed.
  • Prevent Glass Breakage – Any number of things can shatter your windows – a storm sends a branch through the window, a golf ball goes off course, kids playing ball misjudge a toss, or a criminal breaks a window to gain access. Home privacy tint increases the shatter resistance of your windows, which not only decreases the potential danger of flying glass but makes it a bit harder to break.
  • Block UV Rays – While your home privacy tint is protecting you from view, it is also protecting you from the sun’s damaging UV rays. These rays are harmful for you, your family, and your belongings.

The key to gaining these and additional benefits from your home privacy tint is to work with a professional. Here at Innovative Solar Control Inc., we offer quality materials that will give you the best possible results and our more than 25 years of experience will ensure it is installed properly and to your complete satisfaction. We can also provide these same benefits with window tinting for your vehicles and RV. Call today to learn more.