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It’s easy to love the nice, sunny days of the year. When the weather is good, we let the good times roll. However, the sunlight harbors some hidden costs. One of those costs is wear and tear on your home, car, or office in the form of fading. Direct sunlight can be a harsh force that fades items and upholstery. Window tinting can temper the effects of harsh sunlight, bringing lasting value to the interior of your home, car, or office space.

How Window Tinting Saves You Money

Sunlight causes 40% of fading. When objects are in the direct path of sunlight, they can quickly become faded. However, it is not simply the sunlight itself that can cause harm to your possessions. Approximately 10% of fading from sunlight is caused by heat. The heat from direct sunlight can also cause damage to a residence or vehicle.

Additionally, when you select a window tinting treatment, it is important to remember to choose a window film that includes protection from UV rays. Harmful UV rays causes an additional 40% of sun damage to a home, office, or vehicle.

For example, the combination of light, UV rays, and heat can increase the likelihood of fading and cracking to your car upholstery. Over time, this damage becomes not only unsightly, but also expensive to replace. Sun damage can also lower the resale value of your car due to the faded and worn interior.

Window tinting prevents much of the material damage from the sun. Installing window film protects your belongings over time from sun damage and preserves their resale value over time. Installing window film is a great way to protect your investment in your home, car, or office and save money over time.