How to Maintain Car Window Tinting

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Car window tinting is a great way to add beauty and function to your vehicle. After we install window tint to your car, it is essential that you properly maintain and care for it. However, if not installed or cared for properly, the window films can end up bubbling and peeling and losing their effectiveness. This article will cover some of the simple ways you can maintain car window tinting.

How to Maintain Car Window Tinting

First, you must wait for the car window tinting to cure after installation before cleaning. Your installer will give you an estimated curing time. Depending on the type of window film you choose, it could be anywhere from one week to one month.

Second, be sure you’re using the right products.  If you prefer using a cleaner, try to find one made specifically for tinted windows. We recommend cotton or microfiber cloths, rubber squeegees, and warm, soapy water.

How to Clean Car Window Tinting:

  • Lightly spray with a cleaner or use soapy water
  • Wipe with a clean, soft cloth
  • Spray again
  • This time, use a rubber squeegee and move horizontally from top to bottom until dry
  • Wipe away any cleaner residue

If you notice your window tint has started to bubble or peel, give us a call. We can help remove the issue or replace the window tint. We always help our customers maintain their tint properly, so it lasts for years.