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Home window tinting is an important decision. You will want to put some thought and consideration in to the decision of home window tinting. Below are several key important things to know about home window tinting before you make the decision to have it done.

types of home window tinting

  1. Options – There are three main types of home window tinting options to choose from:
    • Security tint – This is the thickest of all the types of home window tinting. This type does not absorb or deflect heat very well. It is beneficial for deterring burglars and protecting your windows in a storm.
    • Privacy tint – This is the thinnest of home window tinting. This type of tint adds beauty and privacy to any room. This tint type helps to keep peering eyes out of your home.
    • Solar tint – This type helps to improve energy efficiency. This tint will absorb and/or deflect UV rays from the sun.
  2. Benefits to older windows – Older windows without an energy-efficient coating stand to benefit the most from home window tinting. Your indoor comfort and energy savings will be much more when applying window tinting to older windows.
  3. Economical – Home window tinting is much more affordable than many other window coverings like shades and blinds.

Here at Innovative Solar Control Inc., we have over 25 years of experience with home window tinting. Let our experienced window technicians help you to achieve the look and feel you are hoping for in your home windows. Give us a call today to discuss your many options, or to schedule an install today.