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When it comes to your home, window tinting can be a great way to protect your property. On outdoor windows, window film can reduce glare on your windows, help manage heat from the sunlight, and prevent fading on your furniture and other belongings. Here a few ways you can incorporate home window tinting into your interior design.

Creative Home Window Tinting Options

New Options to Arrange Your Art

We mentioned above that window tinting can help prevent fading to your belongings. Window tint can provide protection from UV light and heat that can damage upholstered furniture, rugs, carpets, and even artwork. If you have reliable window tint, the risk to your belongings is reduced, and opens up more options for home decorating without worrying about fading.

Decorative Interiors

Home window tinting isn’t just for outdoor windows anymore. We also offer decorative film for the interior of your home. Interior films come in various patterns and textures. They can be installed on glass surfaces inside your home in order to add character to a new space.

For example, decorative films can be added to showers, glass doors, and French doors. They can also update spaces, like pantry doors, in your kitchen.

Thinking Outside the Home

Besides home window tinting, these window treatments can also be great for commercial spaces. At your office, you can have the benefits of functional and decorative window film. This can be an easy way to update your office space without doing an extensive remodel.