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Is Window Tinting Really Worth It?You may have seen window tinting on various buildings around town, or maybe your neighbor even swears by it on their bay window at home . . . but is window tinting really all it’s cracked up to be? Surely high-end shades and blinds will do the trick if the sun is really that miserable, right?

The truth is that window tinting can often be the one unique solution that works where other sun-blocking mechanisms fail. Sure, blinds and shades can be great for a variety of reasons, but there really isn’t any other solution like window tinting that allows you to achieve privacy and sun protection while still being able to enjoy the view.

Here are a few reasons window tinting really is worth it:

  1. Cut the Heat – One of the first reasons you’ll enjoy window tinting in just about any location is because it provides an excellent source of heat reduction. Just by adding window tinting in one room of your home that has hot spots or temperature fluctuations, you can enjoy greater comfort and maybe even reduce your energy bills.
  2. Save Your Furniture – There is nothing more unsightly than sun damage to your furniture and carpets. If you know that pale corner that looks stained, but it’s really due to sun exposure, then you know what we’re talking about. Window tinting can protect your furniture, so you don’t need to strategically place pillows or constantly flip cushions.
  3. Enjoy Privacy – There are different types of window tinting available, some darker than others. That means you can incorporate window tint that protects your privacy without obstructing your own view of the outdoors. This might be perfect for your ground-level bathroom window or your home office.
  4. Bigger Picture – Another great reason to choose window tinting is because you still have a view outside. While blinds and shades can certainly provide some comfort at the brightest times of day, window tinting allows you to control when you want to have a view, versus it being dictated by the sunlight.
  5. Multiple Applications – Lastly, window tinting is great for home and business environments alike, and at Innovative Solar Control Inc., we have helped numerous customers achieve their goals for reduced glare and improved comfort. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of window tinting!