Four Ways Tinted Windows Boost Home Energy Efficiency

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Four Ways Tinted Windows Boost Home Energy EfficiencyInstalling window tint can transform more than just the aesthetics of your home. Advanced heat-rejecting tint films provide measurable energy-saving benefits year-round, lowering AC bills. But how much efficiency improvement is realistic due to tinted windows?

  1. Tinted Windows Block Solar Heat From Entering. Specialty tints reflect and absorb up to 65% of infrared heat that would otherwise pass through glass to raise indoor temperatures. This significantly reduces cooling demands/costs in summer, keeping homes more comfortable.
  2. Warm Air Stays Inside During Winter The same insulating tactics that retain interior heat also work in reverse by preventing warm indoor air from escaping. While visible light still enters through the tinted windows to provide some solar warmth, there is less thermal transfer loss to the outside cold.
  3. Lower HVAC Run Time. Numerous studies analyzing homes with and without window tint prove the films can cut annual HVAC runtimes by 30% or more. Less mechanical cooling and heating naturally equate to lower utility bills.
  4. Quicker HVAC Temperature Recovery. Double-pane windows lacking window tint require longer air conditioner run cycles to remove built-up indoor heat. Tinted windows allow quicker heat extraction so the AC shuts off faster. This temperature recovery advantage saves energy.

Scientific consensus agrees that professionally installed window tint significantly boosts home energy efficiency year-round. We’re proud to be a family-owned company that has contributed to the comfort of Winston-Salem, North Carolina homes for years. Contact our professional window tinting team at Innovative Solar Control Inc. to explore options tailored for your home style to start benefiting from a more comfortable interior.